13 August 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Supreme Court erases a century of gun laws; witnesses testify on Clark’s role in coup

Jeffery Clark was eager to give Trump what he wanted: A Department of Justice that would use Trump’s false hoaxes to provide cover for Republican states to nullify the results of their elections. On Wednesday the FBI raided his home.

In another ruling relying on historical errata of the 1600s to nullify laws passed centuries later, Supreme Court conservatives overturned a New York law that put limits on who can carry concealed handguns. The families of future mass murder victims can rest assured that their loved ones did not die in vain, but as a nod to the beliefs of 17th century witch hunters and English partisans concerned about the political dynamics after the Stuart Reformation.

This abjectly insane argument put forth by crank ideologues fishing for some tidbit of history that might support their views while declaring every conflicting historical view inconsequential is called “originalism,” and it’s useful because if you dig deep enough through the detritus of history you can find justifications for anything from ritual child sacrifice to burning neighborhood women at the stake for showing their ankles. Originalism: The Judicial Philosophy That Can Support Anything! Even an attempted coup!

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