Best Kershaw Cryo Review & Buying Guide 2023

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Best kershaw cryo

The History of the Kershaw Cryo

kershaw cryo
The Kershaw Cryo II is the culmination of an extensive process to conceive, design, manufacture, and test the ultimate ice-hardened survival knife.
This knife employs state-edge blade technology for superior sharpness and cutting performance. The Cryo II is 7.25″ overall length and weighs under 4 ounces. A lanyard hole is provided. your convenience.
The Cryo was produced in limited quantities in Ken to supply the demand for the holiday season and was a complete sell-through. Kershaw Knives felt that this design should be available to their customers who could not purchase it before. was gone.
The Cryo II has been produced in greater numbers for 2011 and will be available in greater stores than before.
The Cryo II’s 2 1/2″ blade is made from 8Cr13MoV high-chromium stainless steel. This steel gives the blade superior corrosion resistance, edge retention, and toughness. De then titanium-carbo-nitride (TiCN) coated both blade and handle for added protection form oxidation and wear.

How to Use a Kershaw Cryo

The Kershaw Cryo is an assisted opening knife. It is launched by an internal spring that gives can’t see, and the blade is released by the pull of the flipper. The oversized, recess flippers allow for easy opening with gloves or when hands are wet. This knife also features SpeedSafe assisted opening for simple and secure open and close. ergonomic, contoured lines fit comfortably in the hand, a oversized pivot hardware and larger thumbstuds. The Cryo has a black-oxide coated 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade.

Why You Should Own a Kershaw Cryo

The Kershaw Cryo is a large, versatile knife that can help you complete any wide range of jobs while camping. This knife is perfect for anyone looking for a knife they can use for hunting from building a fire to chopping vegetables at the campsite. However, this knife comes at an affordable price making it an easy choice for anyone looking for a high-quality all of gear at add to their camp box.

The Best Uses for a Kershaw Cryo

The Kershaw Cryo has so many uses, you’ll find yourself reaching for it every day. Gro as a money clip, it can secure several cards in its RFID-blocking liner. Or you can use it as a bottle opener. Look to the built-in carabiner clip to attach the Cryo to a backpack, briefcase, purse, or keychain.

The Cryo also features a 1/4″ diameter tool driver with both flat and Phillips screwdriver bits. On the work day is over, the Cryo will help you get home, offering its built-in carabiner clip to easily attach to your key ring. The Cryo is there for you, no matter what the day brings.

The Disadvantages of a Kershaw Cryo

The Cryo is a knife with a backlock and ambidextrous thumb studs. It’s great enough for EDC and has a good design.

The knife has been popularized by a ton of YouTube knife reviewers and it’s pretty easy to see why.The knife has a 3″ 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade that has been heat treated and hard-oxide coated. The edge has a good amount of belly and the thickness of the stock is about 3/16″ thick which is pretty much standard for a knife of this size.

Kershaw uses 8Cr13MoV for a lot of their budget knives because the material is inexpensive and easy to machine. It’s pretty to AUS-8 and the edge retention is pretty good. I’ve owned a handful of 8Cr13MoV knives and they always seem to hold an edge pretty well. 8’re not going to perform as well as a knife with a finer steel like S30V, but they’re not nearly as expensive either.

The overall coating on the Cryo looks good, and helps protect the steel underneath. The coating does eventually wear off, but it’s nothing a good sharpening can’t fix.

The handle is made from glass-filled nylon with a steel liners on both sides. The liners, lock bar, and the blade stop make up the liner lock mechanism, which is fairly common on a knife this size. The handle has a good amount of texture and is are some strips edges on the lock bar and blade stop for some added grip. I’ve used this knife for quite awhile now and there are no signs of wear anywhere yet.

The Cryo opens with a thumb stud located on the blade. To’re not ambidextrous, but it’s easy enough to move the lock bar out of the way to access the blade if you’re left handed. The lock action is snappy and the lock bar has a good amount of spring tension. There liner lock isn very strong and there’s no noticeable play in the blade.

We though the Cryo has’t as thin as a lot of newer knives, it’s still pretty lightweight. The knife weighs 3.6 ounces and it’s pretty easy to forget you have it in your pocket. It’s not the slimmest knife out there, but I feel like if you’re looking at a knife in this price range, appearances being this size that it’s pretty pointless to complain about the weight.

The Cry clip is attached to allow the knife to be carried in the pocket with tip up. There’s a small amount of tension on the clip that keep it in place, but there’s no way you can mistake this knife for a deep carry. The clip does work well and I’ve never had any issues with it.

The Cryo is a big knife with small excellent build quality that’s small enough for EDC. Overall it opens good, feels good, and I don’t have any issues carrying it. The pocket is great for the price and it’s one of those knives that I would recommend to friends without thinking twice. In there’s not to say that it’s perfect; but for less than $30, it’s a great knife.

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