30 November 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Aaron Judge passes Roger Maris with 62nd home run

Aaron Judge connects on AL-record 62 home run.

Aaron Judge connects on AL-record 62 home run.
Image: Getty Images

The wait is over.

Yankees’ Aaron Judge slugged his American League record-setting 62nd home run tonight in Texas.

With just two games left to set the AL mark, and move ahead of Yankee great Roger Maris, Judge led off the second game of a double dip at Globe Life Field in Arlington with a shot into the left-field stands off Rangers righty Jesus Tinoco.

Judge had been sitting on 61 homers since Sept. 28.

The home run ball was caught by a fan wearing a Rangers cap in the left-field stands who’d brought his glove. After catching the coveted ball, the fan proceeded to high-five all those around him.

Here’s what Judge said after hitting dinger No. 61.

“It’s pretty incredible,” Judge said that night. “There’s a lot of things Babe Ruth did that I definitely couldn’t do. Getting a chance to sit at 60 for a while there with the Babe was nice. Getting a chance to sit at 61 with another Yankees right fielder that hit 61 home runs, won MVPs, and was a world champion, it’s pretty cool.”

The Major League record for homers in a season was set by Barry Bonds in 2001 with 73.

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